Facebook data leak reveal Mark Zuckerberg uses Signal

Facebook data leak reveal Mark Zuckerberg uses Signal

Facebook data leak reveal Mark Zuckerberg uses Signal. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is concerned about his privacy. Because of this, they use the Signal app. Yes, this shocking revelation has come after Facebook’s data leak. According to the report, Mark Zuckerberg’s mobile number was also included in Facebook’s data leak. Personal details of more than 53 crore Facebook users have been leaked in the new data leak. This includes user ID, mobile number, email, location, birth date and marriage details.

Facebook data leak reveal Mark Zuckerberg uses Signal

Since Zuckerberg’s number has been leaked, it is not difficult to find out from the number which chat app he uses. A security researcher said that Zuckerberg uses the Signal app. For this, he has shown the leaked phone number of Mark Zuckerberg. It has been confirmed that Zuckerberg’s account is also present on the instant messaging app Signal.

Recently, there is a lot of controversy about the new privacy policy of WhatsApp. In such a situation, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is using a chat app that does not belong to his company. This can be quite disputed.

Security expert Dave Walker posted a screenshot on Twitter

In this screenshot, with Zuckerberg’s leaked number, it is reported that Mark Zuckerberg is on Signal. WhatsApp’s new privacy policy will be implemented from May this year. According to the updated privacy policy, Facebook can access chats made with the user’s business account.

Details of Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes and Dustin Moskovitz have also been leaked in this data leak. Walker said that along with 53 million people, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s data has also been leaked.According to security expert Alon Gal, this data leak took place in the year 2020 itself. The reason for this is because of a bug in Facebook, the mobile numbers of the users were seen with the Facebook account. According to Facebook, this bug was fixed in August of 2019.

53 million data leaks include 60 lakh Indians in the account. According to a report by Bloomberg, anyone can access it with basic computing skills.