Also a day to remember the solidarity of Mumbai! Learn what Ratan Tata said on 26/11

12 years ago, on 26 November, Pakistani terrorists carried out a deadly attack in many places in Mumbai. In this incident, the Taj Hotel of the Tata group also suffered heavy losses. Ratan Tata, on the anniversary of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, said that the destruction that occurred 12 years ago cannot be forgotten.

Also a day to remember the solidarity of Mumbai

Eminent industrialist Ratan Tata said on the anniversary of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks that the destruction that took place 12 years ago cannot be forgotten, but it should also not be forgotten how Mumbaikars can forget all their differences and fight terrorism on that day. did. 

Significantly, on this day in the year 2008, terrorists from Pakistan were attacked in the country’s financial capital Mumbai. Today is the anniversary of the Mumbai attack, on this occasion everyone is remembering that moment and paying tribute to the martyrs. 

Ratan Tata remembers the incident 

Ratan Tata, Emirate chairman of Tata Sons, wrote on his Instagram account, ‘The massive destruction that took place on this day 12 years ago cannot be forgotten. But more than that it is a matter to remember how on that day Mumbai with a wide variety of people had united and forgotten all their differences and fought against terrorism and destruction.

Appreciation of mumbai 

He said, ‘Today we must certainly mourn the honor of the brave people who sacrificed their lives in the face of the enemy, but we should also appreciate how we had shown unity, kindness and sensitivity. And we hope that we will keep it even in the next years.