Diwali, gold or rupee in the market before the results of US election

The United
States presidential election is now stuck in a legal battle close to Biden’s victory  . However, in the trends so far, Joe Biden has left Donald Trump far behind. It is expected that Joe Biden will find a place in the White House. 

Diwali, gold or rupee in the market before  US election

Impact on India: The 
Indian market is excited by the changing political situation in America. If India’s stock market is bright, then the rupee has strengthened, while the price of gold and silver has also increased. 

Gold has 
risen by Rs 791 to reach Rs 51,717 per ten grams in Delhi Bullion Market. In the last trading session, gold had closed at Rs 50,926 per ten grams. On the lines of gold, the price of silver also rose by Rs 2,147 to Rs 64,578 per kg. Silver had closed at Rs 62,431 per kg in the previous session. 

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Rupee strengthened In the
US, the rupee has also strengthened due to the increase in foreign portfolio investment amid the results of the presidential election. On Friday, it gained 28 paise to close at 74.08 against the US dollar. Earlier on Thursday, the rupee strengthened 40 paise to close at 74.36 against the US dollar.  

The Sensex 
rose for the fifth consecutive day in the country’s stock markets at a 10-month high and the BSE Sensex jumped 553 points on Friday to close at a 10-month high. Earlier, the Sensex closed at a record 41,952.63 on January 14. 

During the week, the Sensex gained 2,279 points.
Similarly, the Nifty of the National Stock Exchange closed at 12,263.55 points, up 143.25 points, or 1.18 percent. During the week, the Sensex has gained 2,279 points i.e. 5.75 percent while the Nifty has strengthened by 621.15 points i.e. 5.33 percent.