Gold FD or stock? Find out where the best returns have been received since January

Gold FD or stock? Find out where the best returns have received since January 

Instead of depositing savings money in the bank, people try to get good returns by investing in a variety of means. Investors have many investment options like stock market, bank FD, mutual fund, gold, silver. Let us know which means of investment lost in the last seven months since January this year and which has received the best returns. 

Gold FD or stock? Find out where the best returns have been received since January Gold FD or stock? Find out where the best returns have been received since January

NSE Nifty

The stock market is consider to a means of good returns. But the stock market has not in good condition in the last seven months. The National Stock Exchange (NSE) index of 50 shares called Nifty. Nifty is one of the worst-off instruments since January. The nifty declined by 9.1 per cent, i.e., if someone put it at Rs 100, it fell to around Rs 91.

BSE Sensex

Sensex is in the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) with 30 shares. Like Nifty, it has also affected by the corona crisis. The Sensex has also dropped nearly 9 per cent since January, while the Sensex fell to a lifetime high of 42,273.87 on January 20 this year.

ELSS Mutual Fund

Mutual funds with Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS) are the means by which investors’ money is invested in the stock market. It also includes tax savings, so it is more popular. But since January, the average return of such funds has been 7.97 per cent, i.e., investors have lost nearly 8 per cent.

LargeCap Mutual Fund

LargeCap mutual funds fund a large part of the blue chip is invested in the shares of giants. Those who invested in them have also suffered losses. Since the beginning of this year, the average investment of largecap funds has received a negative return of 7.78 per cent.

MidCap Mutual Fund

MidCap mutual funds invest most of their assets in MidCap i.e. medium market capital companies. Since January, the investment of these funds has also lost 4.87 per cent .

SmallCap Mutual Fund

SmallCap mutual funds share most of their assets in shares of smaller companies. Their performance has been slightly better than largecap mutual funds, but they have also suffered losses to investors. Since January, such funds have received negative returns of 5.19 on an average. That means someone invested Rs 100, and the investment was Rs 94.81 .

Real Estate

The real estate situation has been deteriorating for the past several years. This year too, its value has declined further. According to the Reserve Bank’s Housing Price Index (HPI), the real estate value of the top 8 cities in the country declined by 0.2 per cent in the first quarter of this year.

Bank FD

The fixed deposit schemes of banks i.e. FD is a tool in which investors have received positive returns since the beginning of this year. Since January this year, investors have received a return of about 5 per cent. That means someone who had charged Rs 100 went up to Rs 105. There is no risk of investing in it. 


Gold is considered to be an evergreen mode of investment, with little scope for loss. This year, gold has made investors rich. As of January 1, 2020, 10 grams of gold was worth Rs 39,108 and by July 31, it rose to Rs 53,743. In seven months, gold has given investors a tremendous return of 37.4 percent. 


Silver has also given tremendous returns to investors this year. From January to July, the investmentists have received a huge return of 38.76 per cent. That is, the winner is silver in all the above modes of investment. On January 1, the price of one kilo silver was Rs 46,105, which rose to Rs 63,975 on July 31.