Maruti Suzuki cars will be expensive from January, company explains this reason

Maruti Suzuki sells entry-level Alto to multi-purpose vehicles like the XL6, which range in price from Rs 2.95 lakh to Rs 11.52 lakh (ex-showroom price Delhi). 

Maruti Suzuki cars will be expensive from January

Maruti Suzuki cars will become expensive from the new year. The company says that due to the increase in the price of many types of raw materials, its cost has been pressurized, so the rate is forced to increase. 

It is worth noting that Maruti Suzuki sells from entry level Alto to multi purpose vehicle like XL6 whose price ranges between Rs 2.95 lakh to Rs 11.52 lakh (ex-showroom price Delhi). 

According to a news agency, the company told in a regulatory information on Wednesday that it will increase the prices of its cars from January, as the cost of raw materials is going to adversely affect its cost. 

What did the company say 

The company has said, “Because of this it has become a compulsion for the company to put some part of the extra cost on the customers and for this, prices will be increased from January 2021. This increase will vary from model to model. 

Condition deteriorated this year 

Significantly, due to the Corona crisis and the lockdown, the condition of auto companies has been very bad this year and sales have come down significantly. However, during the festive season, sales had gained some momentum. But after October, Maruti’s domestic passenger car sales have fallen by 2.4 per cent in the month of November.

The company sold 1,35,775 cars during November, while the company sold 1,39,133 cars in the same month last year. However, in terms of total sales including Maruti’s exports, it has increased by 1.7 percent. The company sold a total of 1,53,223 cars in November 2020, while it sold 1,50,630 cars in November 2019.