Mukesh Ambani becomes the sixth richest in the world

Mukesh Ambani becomes the sixth richest in the world. The fast-moving move at the peak of Reliance Industries chief Mukesh Ambani Amiri is astonishing. He has overtaken Google founders Serge Brin and Larry Page to become the sixth richest person in the world. Within three days, he has become the seventh to sixth richest of the world.

Property now so grown

According to the Bloomberg Billier Index, their total assets have reached $72.4 billion. On Monday, Reliance shares gained 3 per cent, raising their assets by nearly $2.17 billion to $72.4 billion. 

Mukesh Ambani becomes the sixth richest in the worldMukesh Ambani becomes the sixth richest in the world

Significantly, the wealth of Google’s foundry page has fallen to $71.6 billion and Brin’s assets are just $69.4 billion due to the decline in tech stocks in the US. According to forbes real-time billinaire index, mukesh ambani left behind Berkshire Hathaway CEO and veteran investor Warren Buffet last week to become the seventh richest man in the world. 

constantly at the peak

He has been India’s number one richest person for the past several years. He is also the richest man in Asia and the only Asian to make it to the top 10 richest in the world.

More than a dozen foreign companies have invested more than Rs 1 lakh crore in the last three months in Reliance Industries Group’s company Jio Platforms. This has continued to strengthen Reliance’s shares. Reliance Industries’ market capital has exceeded Rs 12 lakh crore. 

Who ahead of Mukesh Ambani?

At the top of the billionaires list is Amazon founder Jeff Bezos with a total wealth of $184 billion. Microsoft’s Bill Gates is second, while the Bernard Ornault family is third. In addition, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is fourth, Steve Ballmer fifth. After Mukesh Ambani, google co-founder Leri Page is ranked seventh, Warren Buffet at eighth and Google co-founder Serge Brin at 9th. In tenth place, the US businessman is Elon Musk.

Billier’s list is released by Forbes and Bloomberg every day in the world, but the two figures are sometimes seen to be significantly different due to the release at different times.