Opportunity to buy cheap gold on Dhanteras, government scheme starting from November 9

The opportunity to buy cheap gold is going to 
be the festival of Dhanteras, on this occasion shopping of gold is considered auspicious. This is the reason that people eagerly wait for this day. This time on the occasion of Dhanteras, the government is giving an opportunity to buy cheap gold. Let’s know how ..

Opportunity to buy cheap gold on Dhanteras

Sovereign gold bond scheme

Actually, the central government’s sovereign gold bond scheme is going to start once again from 9 November. Under this scheme you cannot buy gold physically, but it can be the best option for investment.

Investing by buying bonds

Let us know that you can invest in this scheme by buying bonds. As a bond, you can invest a minimum of one gram and a maximum of four kilos. Generally, the price of gold in Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme is less than the market price.

Bond price Rs 5,177 per gram

According to the information given by the Reserve Bank, this time the bond price has been fixed at Rs 5,177 per gram. However, like every time, investors applying online this time will be given a discount of Rs 50 per gram on the fixed price of the bond. 
Discount on applying online, 
such investors will have to pay along with the application in a digital way. The Reserve Bank said that for investors applying online, the value of the bond will be Rs 5,127 per gram. 
Bonds for a period of eight years,
let us tell you that these bonds are issued for a period of eight years and there is also an option to withdraw after five years. 

Where to buy 

To buy it, you have to contact your bank, BSE, NSE website or post office. It can be purchased digitally from here. This is a kind of secure investment because there is neither a concern for purity nor a problem of security.