State of States Conclave 2020: Nitin Gadkari said – need to increase agriculture’s contribution to GDP from 16 to 30%

Outlining the development of agriculture in the State of State Conclave 2020, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said that there are three main components of GDP. Agriculture, manufacturing and service. The Union Minister said that agriculture contributes 14 to 16 per cent of GDP, but until this contribution is increased to 30 per cent, the urban area of ​​the country also cannot grow.

State of States Conclave 2020

In India Today Group’s India Today State of the States Conclave 2020, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said that this initiative of India Today Group will enhance the spirit of competition among the states, motivate the states to do the best they can and this will definitely The country will benefit. 

Attending the event, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said that India Today deserves congratulations for getting the states evaluated on the basis of good governance. Union Minister Gadkari said that our country is rich, but people here are poor. The reason for this is our economic policies. But if we implement the economic policies properly then the development of the country can happen. States can develop. 

The Union Minister said that we have accepted the federal structure in this country. The development of states in the country cannot happen without the help of the center and the development of India cannot happen without the states. 

The Union Minister said that three things are necessary for cooperation in both. Co-operation, coordination and communication. Gadkari said that when Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, he insisted on it. He said that any party in any state should be governed only on these basic feelings.

t be developed. 

When the construction sector contributes 22–23 per cent. While the contribution of service sector is 52 to 56 percent. The Union Minister said that once 80 percent people lived in villages, but now it has come down to 60 percent. People have gone from villages to cities. If there is employment in the villages, there will be no migration. 

Talking about the infrastructure, he said that it is very important. He said four things are necessary for this sector. Water, electricity, transport and communication. He said that we are moving forward in this area. New cars like electric cars, ethanol are being used in transport. He said that we have to create an economy which is going to create employment.

Nitin Gadkari said that we have to move forward through innovation entrepreneurship, science, technology, research and successful practice. We can also call it knowledge and earning money from this knowledge is our future. The Union Minister gave the example of Indian doctors and software engineers for India’s merit. 

Earlier, in his welcome address, India Today Group’s Group Editorial Director (Publishing) Raj Chengappa said that India Today Group ranked states based on standards like better governance, economy, employment, better infra, employable education, law and order, tourism Has been doing