Sadak 2 review:Alia Bhatt turns out to be the weakest part

sadak 2 review:Alia Bhatt turns out to be the weakest part
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sadak 2 review:Alia Bhatt turns out to be the weakest part

sadak 2 review:Alia Bhatt turns out to be the weakest part. Bollywood actors Sanjay Dutt, Alia Bhatt and Aditya Roy Kapoor starrer film have been released on the OTT platform. Mahesh Bhatt has tried to weave a story of mentally disturbed people in his allegedly made film as a director in ‘sadak 2’. Even when Mahesh Bhatt directed three to four films at a time. In ‘Sadak 2’ Pooja Bhatt. The elder daughter of Mahesh Bhatt. She has the real weight of direction on her shoulder. One of Pooja Bhatt’s last films as director was ‘Kajrare‘. In which Himesh Reshammiya was the hero. And the film was released for a day’s show in just one theater across the country. The film’s heroine was from Pakistan, Sarah Lauren.

Sadak 2 review:Alia Bhatt turns out to be the weakest part

Mahesh Bhatt retired from the film ‘kartoos’ 21 years ago and this time what he has loaded with his direction has backfired. There was also Sanjay Dutt, here too is Sanjay Dutt. But, it seems like Sanjay Dutt is disinterested to the audience. His eyes look elsewhere, his mind thinks of something else. Just like Arya plays the character of the film ‘Sadak 2’. She is a girl from home, from society, from the hospital. she feels that her mother has been killed. The father is a devotee of his Guruji. The girl wishes that she celebrates her 21st birthday by visiting Mount Kailash as her mother said. Here, the taxi driver with whom she has gone out on the road, cannot think of her sweetheart worship. He appears to be trying to commit suicide early in the story.

The reels of the Sushant Singh Rajput case also go on in the mind of the viewer while watching scenes of Arya trying to make him mentally deranged and Ravi’s suicide attempt. When the story comes out on the road, Aashiq, who is out of the jail of Arya, also comes on the way. His pet is an owl, that is why it is soon known. The characters quickly start changing colors. The one who comes as a murderer becomes a companion. The one who is responsible for the safety of the child becomes his enemy. The story is exactly like the spice movies of the nineties, just spice seems to have been stolen by someone during the making. Or it may be that Mahesh Bhatt has not got the chance to steal the idea from a foreign film, as he has done in his career.

Songs some what pleasing

The songs of Mahesh Bhatt’s films have been highlighted, this time too, in the songs Ankit Tiwari, Jeet Ganguly, Suniljeet, Samidh Mukherjee, Urvi etc. have emphasized. Javed Ali’s rendition of ‘Ishq Kamal’ and ‘Tum Se Hi’ also do wonders, but the rest of the songs do not leave an impact. ‘Sadak 2’ is the weakest film among Disney Plus Hotstar films released directly on OTT rather than in theaters. Theorigintimes entertainment ‘Sadak 2’ gets 1.5 stars.