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Corona virus vaccine never before still doubted: WHO

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Corona virus vaccine never before still doubted: WHO. While the virus vaccine is under trial in several countries, the World Health Organization has made a statement that could shock people’s expectations. “It’s very difficult to make sure we have a vaccine,” said WHO chief Tedros Gebreyesus during a video conference with the European Parliament’s health committee. 

“We have never had a corona virus vaccine and if a vaccine produced. It will the first vaccine for the karona virus,” said the WHO chief. Gebreyesus said that if such a vaccine really produced, it should be publicly available to all.

Corona virus vaccine never before still doubted: WHO

Corona virus vaccine never before still doubted: WHO

Gebreyesus said that it is not yet a must say that scientists will be able to make an effective vaccine for the corona virus, but it may take one year to discover it. 

He said WHO already has more than 100 vaccine candidates, one of whom is on the advanced stage of becoming.

“Hopefully we will have a vaccine,” he said. It estimated that within a year we will have the vaccine. Or it may come in less than that, but it will take a few months. That’s what scientists are saying,” he said. 

A few days ago, a top WHO official had also said that there was no experiment yet to believe that corona virus vaccine had created.Corona virus vaccine never before still doubted: WHO

At the 8th World Government Conference organised by the Dubai government, who’s top official, Dr. “The expectation of the whole world rests on the corona virus vaccine,” said David Nabero. But it may take about two and a half years for the vaccine to saved from this epidemic,” he said. 

“Even if the corona virus vaccine is forme by the end of this year. It may take a long time to check its effects and safety,” said Dr Nabero. At the same time, it has to produced in a big way to uproot the epidemic. which can take a long time,” he said.

David Nabero said I would be very happy if my guess  proved wrong. No one person is experiencing this disease but the whole world. This virus is still close to us. It will affect everyone. 

Sharing his work experiences, Nabero said, “So far, even diseases like malaria and HIV have not been vaccinated. All I am saying is that if there is no miracle this year, it is very difficult to get a corona vaccine.”