New mutation of corona spreading rapidly what is this?

New mutation of corona spreading rapidly what is this?

New mutation of corona spreading rapidly what is this?. Experts have said after a new study that the corona virus is mutating and through this most new cases are coming out. Scientists have said that a new form of virus can also defeat masks and social distancing. According to a report published in the Washington Post, the largest genetic study ever found that 99.9 percent of the corona new mutations are D614G during the second wave of corona in Houston, Texas, USA.

What is this new mutation of corona virus

Information about the new strain D614G of corona virus has been revealed earlier, but in the new study, scientists have given additional information about the new mutation. This study has been published in the MedRxiv Journal on Wednesday. The new mutations have been described as more infectious, but comparatively less fatal.

Researchers say that it seems that the corona virus has adapted itself to a new environment so that it can also beat social distancing, hand washing and masks. Virologist David Mourens of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases says the new virus may be more contagious, which may also affect efforts to control the corona.

It has been reported in the study that the new mutation of the corona changes the structure of the spike protein. The researchers studied a total of 5,085 sequences of the virus during this period. This showed that during the first wave of Corona, 71 per cent of the cases were new mutations in March. But during the second wave in May, the number of cases with new mutations rose to 99.9 percent.

During the study, the team of University of Chicago and Texas University of America also found that viral load is higher in people infected with new mutations. Because of this, such people can spread more infections.