DRDO successfully done a hypersonic speed flight of unmanned scramjet

DRDO successfully done a hypersonic speed flight of unmanned scramjet

DRDO successfully done a hypersonic speed flight of unmanned scramjet. The Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) on Monday successfully conducted a hypersonic speed flight of unmanned scramjet from Dr. Abdul Kalam Island near the Odisha coast. According to defense sources, today’s test is a major step to further the development of hypersonic cruise missile system.

DRDO successfully done a hypersonic speed flight of unmanned scramjet

HSTDV (Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle-Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle) is an unmanned scramjet demonstration aircraft for hypersonic speed flight. Aircraft that fly from 6126 to 12251 km per hour are called hypersonic aircraft. India’s HSTDV test was less than 20 seconds. 12,251 km / h, ie 3.40 km / s. When it attacks the enemy with such speed, it will not get a chance to escape

After successful trials of the Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle, once it is successful in making and flying it, then India will join the selected club of countries that acquire such technology. This aircraft can be used to launch missiles and satellites. Can also be used to launch satellites at low cost.

Testing will be done and we analysis data

DRDO said on the success of the test that this test was done so that we can test the techniques for the future. After launching the hypersonic speed flight, its movements were tracked with various radars, telemetry stations and electro optical tracking sensors. Now the data is being collected and analyzed. It is worth mentioning that earlier in the month of June last year, HSTDV was tested.

China has successfully tested its first hypersonic (faster than sound) aircraft Shingkong-2 or Stary Sky-2 last year. This Chinese aircraft is capable of carrying nuclear weapons and penetrating any anti-missile defense system in the world. However, many tests will be done before joining the army. But even after a year, no information has been revealed from China about this aircraft. Earlier, America and Russia have also tested hypersonic aircraft.

Earlier, it was believed that the development of hypersonic technology transporter vehicle would disrupt the work of BrahMos-2, a hypersonic cruise missile being built with scramjet technology. India and Russia had signed an agreement on BrahMos. but that did not happen. There has been no hindrance due to this technology for the development of BrahMos missile.

The value of BrahMos joint venture started with an initial investment of only Rs 1,300 crore has reached Rs 40,000 crore as on date. BrahMos is a supersonic cruise missile jointly developed by both countries. Successful testing of Scramjet’s hypersonic speed flight will increase India’s defense capability both in the sky and in space.