India and Japan agreement that will increase China’s tension

India and Japan agreement that will increase China's tension

India and Japan have made such an agreement due to which China may get problem. Because after this agreement, China will think many times before any action. This deal between India and Japan is about the exchange of supplies and services of the military forces. That is, India and Japan will provide military assistance to each other in the event of war. Even before this, India has done such deals with America, France, South Korea, Singapore and Australia.

The Mutual Logistic Support Arrangement (MLSA) has been signed

India’s Defense Secretary Ajay Kumar and Ambassador of Japan Suzuki Satoshi. Earlier, in 2016, the deal that India and the United States have signed, the Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA). Under this deal, India is allowed fuel and movement in US military bases Jibouti, Diego Garcia, Guam and Subic Bay.

India has also intensified the siege of China in the Indian Ocean amid the ongoing conflict over LAC over the border dispute. The historic defense agreement between India and Japan is being considered very important. After the agreement, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also spoke to his Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on the phone. Both Modi and Abe thanked each other for the defense deal.

Such an agreement is the first time that mutual services will be provided to the armed forces with Japan. India and Japan already have strategic ties, but this deal between the current confrontation with China can break China’s siege in the Indian Ocean. Or can be stopped. After this deal, India can also take a strategic lead in the Indian Ocean.

Help of army and mutual Assistantship from both sides

After the agreement, Japanese forces will be able to supply the necessary materials to their forces at Indian bases. Also, the defense equipment of the Indian forces will be serviced. This facility will also be available to Japanese forces at Indian military bases. In the event of war, these services are considered very important. Both Modi and Abe hoped that the deal would deepen defense cooperation of both countries. Will help in peace and security in the Indian Ocean region.

In a statement issued by Japan’s Foreign Ministry, it said that the agreement will promote closer cooperation between the armies of the two countries. It is expected that this deal will facilitate smooth and speedy exchange of supplies and services between the Japanese and Indian armed forces. The Indian Defense Ministry also said that as the mutual cooperation between the armed forces of India and Japan increases, bilateral defense activities will increase further under special strategic and global partnership between the two countries.

India signed an agreement with France in the year 2018. Under which the Indian Navy can stop at France’s naval bases on Reunion Islands, Madagascar and Djibouti and take military services there. Under the MLSA agreement with Australia, Australia and India will cooperate in their warships Indian Ocean Region and West Pacific region. Will also exchange facilities.

China has access to Pakistan’s Karachi and Gwadar ports. Apart from this, China has entered into military agreements with many countries like Cambodia, Vanuatu. So that he can maintain his bullying in the Indo-Pacific region. But in opposition to this, America, France, India, Australia and some European countries have also been.

At any time, China deploys 6 to 8 warships around India in the Indian Ocean Region. He is constantly making his Navy state-of-the-art. Nuclear is producing ballistic missiles and anti-ship cruise missiles. China has included 80 warships in its navy in the last 6 years.