IRMS INDIAN RAILWAYS MANAGEMENT SERVICES :Biggest problem in recruitment and seniority

IRMS INDIAN RAILWAYS MANAGEMENT SERVICES :Biggest problem in recruitment and seniority. Cabinet decided to integrate the Railways’ eight Group ‘A’ services into a single unified Indian Railways Management Service (IRMS). And downsize the Railway Board, re-designating its members on functional basis instead of departments. With alarm bells ringing for the Railways, the government realised. How the Railway Board, with its departmental silos sapping its energy and vitality, need to be drastically restructure.

IRMS INDIAN RAILWAYS MANAGEMENT SERVICES :Biggest problem in recruitment and seniority
piyush goyal IRMS meeting

IRMS INDIAN RAILWAYS MANAGEMENT SERVICES :Biggest problem in recruitment and seniority

Process of amalgamating the services to be finalise within a year by a Home Minister. And led group of ministers assisted by a committee of secretaries. With the nudge now provided by PMO to ensure the process is completed by November. Railway Minister Piyush Goyal has been discussing with associations representing different departmental services.

Firstly for the complex issue of equitably adjusting the existing officers. One way out appears to be that those unwilling to opt for merger with IRMS may be allowed to continue seeking their prospects in their cadres. While those opting for merger be prepared for a fresh selection by the UPSC to determine inter-se seniority, necessarily done on basis of genuine suitability. Age and seniority based on rank in UPSC test years back alone cannot be a fair measure of suitability.

How seniority will be decided on basis of age and recruitment because two background Candidates

Career prospects mostly depend on date of birth, and rank in UPSC results. How can the administration remain purblind to glaring disadvantage of age encountered by recruits through civil services stream. Who generally join service when they are 25-27 years old. Against officers from engineering services examination who join technical cadres at 21-24.

How recruitment process with civil services only what about engineers

In last article we seen more than 70% Railway group A officer’s from Technical background and generally Engineer’s are backbone of Railways safety and advancement of Technology. So how IRMS recruitment through CIVIL SERVICES only (This is not possible without testing engineering capabilities how govt. can recruit on the basis of Civil Service). So government either go for separate exam include some part of engineering gs from ies pre and some part from Civil Services and conduct pre exam then for specialization mains exam(Technical, or General).

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Or second option why separate exams and all. One side government creating NATIONAL TESTING AGENCY means they want to reduce number of exams for students. So already candidates recruiting through UPSC IES/ESE and CSE(Civil Services Examination). So why extra exam just recruitment should be same as early. This process easy and no extra burden of exam and no extra cost for government as well as unemployed aspirants. In both exam candidates can select their preference and select IRMS as option and then on the basis of Railways committees common merit formula IRMS candidates can be selected. So this is best way to decide recruitment process.

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