School colleges are opening from September 21, know these 5 important points

School colleges are opening from September 21, know these 5 important points

School colleges are opening from September 21, know these 5 important points. Schools-Colleges Reopening: It became a thing of the past when you used to go to school and college campuses nonchalantly. Now the fear of Corona has completely changed the campus. In the midst of increasing cases of infection in the country, the government has made a plan to restore education. After a long time, schools and colleges are opening again from September 21. If you are also preparing to return to campus, then know some rules.

School colleges are opening from September 21, know these 5 important points

The Health Ministry has given permission to reopen schools, colleges and higher education institutions from 21 September. The new session in school colleges will be completely different from previous years. It is not just wearing masks or social distancing and there are many rules which have become necessary for you now.

Who will get permission to go to school

According to the new rule, not all will be immediately returned to the premises. At present, students of class 9 to 12 have been given the option of going to school, although they also have the option to study in offline classes. Schools will open only to students who do not have access to online education or are facing other problems.

At the same time, students enrolled in colleges and skill institutes, PhD scholars, postgraduate students will be called on campus. It has been prepared keeping in mind the practical aspects of his studies. After this, the institutes will reopen in a phased manner.

What will be the mode of education

At present, neither schools nor colleges have been allowed for physical teaching. Both will have to continue their online education right now and follow a hybrid model. In the official notice, the Ministry of Health has asked both schools and colleges to revise their academic calendar to avoid overcrowding in the campuses.

Labs will be opened

Laboratories will be open in colleges. The trainees will use the equipment from a distance of six feet. In addition, gymnasiums will be open with limited capacities and swimming pools will be closed in colleges and schools. For schools, morning assembly will not be allowed. Students will not be able to share anything among themselves.

Which colleges and schools will open

The schools and colleges which are outside the Containment Zone will be opened as per government rules. Students, teachers and staff will not be allowed to stay inside the campus. Elderly, pregnant mothers, people with high illnesses who are in high risk, they will not be called in the campus.

How will the school reopen

All sanitation needs to be completely sanitized before reopening. Especially the Jin complexes were made COVID centers. Those complexes must be cleaned with substances containing one percent sodium hypochlorite solution.

Reopening institutions have been asked to keep a backup stock of personal security including face covers, masks, visors, hand sanitizers etc. Campus can also be asked to avoid cash transactions and e-wallets etc. can be promoted.