Tomorrow PM Modi will talk to street vendors, know- about the Svanidhi scheme

Tomorrow PM Modi will talk to street vendors, know- about the Svanidhi scheme

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold ‘Svanidhi Samvad’ with street vendors of Madhya Pradesh on Wednesday 09 September. Under the PM Svanidhi scheme launched in the midst of the Corona crisis, 47 percent of the total applications accepted in the country are from Madhya Pradesh.

Tomorrow PM Modi will talk to street vendors, know- about the Svanidhi scheme

Actually, due to corona, the livelihood of street vendors has been affected. To help such people, the Central Government has started the self-planning scheme on June 01, 2020. Under this scheme, without any guarantee, the street vendors get loans up to Rs 10,000. PM Modi tweeted and said, ‘I am very keen on’ Svanidhi Samvad ‘. It is a matter of happiness that 4.5 lakh street vendors have registered under this scheme in Madhya Pradesh. This is a large number, for which I commend the Government of Madhya Pradesh.

Under the scheme, 4.50 lakh eligible street vendors were registered by the state of Madhya Pradesh and more than 4.00 lakh street vendors were issued identity cards and vendor certificates. The state of Madhya Pradesh has submitted 2.45 lakh eligible beneficiary applications to banks on the portal.

In this Svanidhi dialogue, arrangements have been made to watch the broadcast of the program on the LED screen for the beneficiaries of PM Svanidhi in a public place in 378 urban bodies of Madhya Pradesh. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan from the state of Madhya Pradesh will also participate in the program through video conferencing.

PM Modi will interact with 3 beneficiaries of the state from their work place. The state of Madhya Pradesh will also showcase the film prepared on the self-planning scheme before the Prime Minister’s address to the program.

you are unable to install road-tracks in the absence of capital, then without guarantee you can take a loan up to Rs 10,000. The name of this scheme is PM Svanidhi Yojana. The most important thing is that under this scheme there is no need to give any guarantee for taking a loan.

The street vendors will have to repay this loan in monthly installments in a year. Those who repay the loan on time will also get an interest subsidy of 7 percent per annum. There is also a cashback of up to Rs 1200.

Under this scheme, small amount of loan will be provided to the street vendors. The rate of interest on this will also be lower. The scheme was approved in the Union Cabinet meeting held on June 1, chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.