Sawan month 2020 starting when and Learn Its Glory

Sawan month 2020 starting when and Learn Its Glory. The month of Sawan is of great importance in Hinduism. Special pooja of Lord Shiva is perform at Shravan’s mass. According to the Scriptures, Shravan’s mother is the most belove to Lord Bholenath. It also called the month of fulfilling desires. Shravan is consider to be the holiest month of the year. This month also has a tradition of Monday’s fast and Sawan bathing.

Sawan month 2020 starting when and Learn Its GlorySawan month 2020 starting when and Learn Its Glory

This time the Shravan month begins on July 6 and will conclude on August 3. This time, shravan is becoming a wonderful coincidence on the month as the first day of the beginning of Sawan is Monday, the last day of Sawan, i.e., 3rd August is also the day of Monday.

Monday, which falls in the month of Sawan, considered a great importance. According to the Shiva Purana, whoever fasts monday in this month, Lord Shiva fulfills all his desires. It believed that the grace of Lord Shiva in this month removes all the problems of marriage. 

Worshipping Lord Bholenath from the bell letter at Shravan’s mass and plating them is consider to be very fruitful. According to religious beliefs, the month of Sawan comes with the blessings of Lord Shiva and Vishnu. Goddess Parvati is believe to have delighted Lord Shiva by harshly in the entire Shravan month to get Lord Shiva as a husband. 

Monday is consider a special day for the worship of Shivji. According to Hindu belief, the worship of shivling on Monday of Sawan brings special fruit. Virgin girls keep Monday’s vow of Sawan to get the desired and achieved.Sawan month 2020 starting when and Learn Its Glory

Marital problems to be overcome at Shravan’s mass

In a way to remove the end of marital life, the husband and wife should consecrate Lord Shiva Shankar with the entire shravan mass milk, curd, ghee, honey and sugar i.e. Panchkhas.

These measures will relieve diseases

  •  Wake up early in the morning at Shravan’s mass. Then add two drops of gangwater to your bath water and wear clean clothes by bathing.

Place Rowley-Molly, Rice, Incense, Lamp, White Sandalwood, White Genoo, Kalwa, Yellow Fruit, White Dessert, Ganga Water and Panchama etc. in the puja plate.

  • If possible exit the bare foot from your house to the temple of Lord Shiva. Visit the temple and worship the Shiva family by law legislation.
  • The text of Shiva Chalisa by burning a cow ghee lamp and incense sticks on the same pedestal.