NASA’s helicopter landed on the surface of Mars

NASA’s helicopter landed on the surface of Mars. The US space agency itself has informed about this. Till now this helicopter was locked inside the rover and was charging from the same. It will also be charged with solar energy later.

Let it be said that this will be the first time that a helicopter will fly from the surface of Mars and capture its view in the camera. In the past, with the help of this, he sent a video of a walk on the surface.

NASA’s helicopter landed on the surface of Mars

Will depart on April 8 fixed first Udhana Injenuti helicopter’s first flight on April 8 2021 the day. Weighing less than 2 kg, the helicopter helicopter is amazing. NASA has already shown something amazing during this mission. Perseverance rover landed on Mars on 18 February. This is a mission of $ 2.7 billion. Its primary purpose is to find out that when Mars was more favorable to life about three billion years ago, then micro-organisms may flourish on Mars. According to NASA, it is more difficult than flying on Earth.

A recent study of Juno’s data revealed aurore emission at the poles of the planet Jupiter. Researchers say such aurores have never been seen before. In view, these auroras start to wave at the poles of the planet. Juno’s ultraviolet spectrograph captures these luminous phenomena.

NASA satellites are ready for biological experiments

NASA has prepared and tested one of its spacecraft. This vehicle will do some bio-experiments in remote space. For the biosentinal mission, the vehicle will be the first of its kind in the long space bioproduction. The biosentinal expedition is almost ready to fly. Small satellites have been prepared for this mission. A team of NASA scientists at the AIIMS Research Center in Silicon Valley is preparing to launch these satellites from Florida.