Android 11 will support more smartphones check eligible list of devices

Although Android 11 has already come in Google Pixel smartphones some time ago, but now it is also being offered officially in other smartphones.That is, Android 11 is now being launched after beta testing. Generally, till the testing phase of Google, it is kept only for Google’s smartphones. However, apart from its beta pixels, some other smartphones are also used.

Android 11 will support more smartphones check eligible list of devices

In the coming time, Android 11 will also be available in the smartphones of Xiaomi, Oppo and One Plus.The final version of Android 11 can now be downloaded in Pixel 2, 3, 3A and Pixel 4A. In some countries, the final version of Android 11 is also being given in OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8 Pro.

Realme announced Android 11 in India

Chinese smartphone maker Realme has said that Android 11 update is being released in Realme X50 Pro. To participate in the Android 11 Preview program, Realme X50 Pro users will have to update to Realme UIĀ  RMX2076PU_11.A.35.

What is special about Android 11?

There have been many changes and improvements in Android 11 ranging from visuals to features. Changes will be seen from conversion notification to notification history. Chat bubbles will appear everywhere. You will see chat bubbles in Android 11 for communication everywhere. It resembles Facebook Messenger.

You will also see visual changes in media control. The new Android has the feature of smart device control where you will be able to add smart devices. There is a feature of one time permission and auto reset for privacy. It is on the same lines as the Apple iPhone, that means if any app accesses your location, you will get information about it and you will have control over it.

You can schedule dark mode, customize notifications. Pin the application. Android Auto will now work wirelessly. That is, if you use Android Auto in the car with Android 11, then the phone will not have to be connected to the cable.