Bug in new update of Windows 10, your computer may crash

If you use Windows 10, be aware before updating. Actually a bug has been found in the new update of Windows 10. Many users are complaining about this bug. Due to this bug, when the print dialog is opened, the screen of their PC turns blue. After this, the user is getting the error message of Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart.
the PC is running on the latest Windows 10 then there is a problem in printing. When printing from Office or Wordpad, the PC screen turns blue and an error message arrives. Microsoft has come to know about its bug. They have listed this bug on the support page of Windows 10. But this bug could not be fixed till the time of writing the report.

According to the support page of Windows 10, they have received information about this bug. They are investigating this matter. As soon as more information related to this is received, they will update. This issue has spread very fast. Many users are complaining about this on the Internet.

If you too are getting a blue screen bug after the update of Windows 10, then we are showing how to fix it. Until the new update arrives, you will have to return to the last update to fix it.
For this you go to the settings of your PC. Go to Update & Security there and click on Windows Update. Here you will get the option of View Update History. Click on it. From here, click on Uninstall Updates to remove the new update. Many users have said that this method works for them. If you also see this bug then you can also try it.