FAU-G Game is best alternative for PUBG in India teaser launched by company

FAUG GAME available for Download, How to download step by step

FAU-G Game is best alternative for PUBG in India teaser launched by company. Soon after PUB-G Mobile was banned in India, Akshay Kumar released the poster of FAU-G Mobile Game. Now the teaser video of FAU-G has been released.

FAU-G Game is best alternative for PUBG in India teaser launched

It has been developed by Bangalore based nCORE Gaming firm. Mims were also made about the poster of this mobile game, because the poster was a stock image.

However, a trailer of FAU-G has been released in which Indian soldiers can be seen. Indo-China border tension can also be seen in it. In the past, there was a clash and debate on the border between India and Chinese soldiers, which can also be seen in the trailer video of this game. Guns are not used in this entire trailer and are only shown fighting each other without any guns. This game will be launched under the partnership of FAU-G Game nCore and Akshay Kumar.

This trailer video is of 1 minute and gives the first look of the game play of FAU-G. Border tension is going on in India and China and in this game too Galvan Valley has been shown to capitalize on it.

When FAU-G game launch in india

According to nCore Gaming, this game can be launched in November. Military characters and tricolor are shown in this trailer. India China border and file is shown in the trailer.However, nothing is clear about the mission and level of the game from this trailer. The company will bring it only for mobiles or computer games too, it is not clear at the moment.

Akshay Kumar shared teaser video on Twitter account

Akshay Kumar has tweeted beyond the video trailer Dussehra. They have suspected that today we celebrate the victory of good over evil and what better chance can there be than celebrating FAU-G.

Today we celebrate the victory of good over evil, and what better day to celebrate our Fearless and United Guards, our FAU-G! 

Let us know that the full form of FAU-G is Fearless and United Guards. Netizens have called this name a copy of PUBG. Now it will be interesting to see how much people like this game after its launch. Will it be a hit in India like PUBG Mobile?

When pub g come back in India

PUBG Mobile can also make a comeback in India once again. Because its parent company is South Korean and now for India its parent company has ended the partnership with the Chinese company. Recently, PUBG Corporation has also laid out jobs for India. There is also a hint that PUBG Mobile can make a comeback in India.