Google Pay logo changed, new icon may increase Confusion

The Google Pay logo is being changed. It has been given in beta version. The new logo is quite different from the old one and you might not even be able to recognize it.

Google Pay logo changed

The logo of the Google Pay is being changed in the app icon. The new icon is completely different from the old one and is based on the company’s theme color.

Google Pay was first launched in India under the name Tez. After this its name was changed. Now this payment app has become very popular in India.

Talking about the existing app icon of Google Pay, it has the G logo of Google and after this Pay is written. But the new logo has neither G nor Pay.

Talking about Google Pay’s new app icon or logo, it is multi color. Blue, green, yellow and red have been used in this, the same colors are also used in Google’s branding.

Google Pay Existing Logo

In the new entrants, the shape of small u and n is visible and both are overlapping each other. This logo looks 3D and does not look like the theme of this logo.

According to 9to5google, some of these users in India have been given through updates. Below the existing Google Pay app icon, Google Pay is written, but on the home screen, the new icon will have GPay written on it.

Soon the company will release it with the final build of Google Pay and a new logo of Google Pay will be on your screen. However, the company has not said anything about it yet.

It is worth noting that Google has been making changes in the icon and logo of all its applications including Gmail for some time. It is being made multi color. On social media people are also complaining about getting confused in these logos or icons.