Google Pixel XE picture leaked, expected to be mid range like Pixel 4a

Not much information has been revealed about Google Pixel XE at the moment. But from the information that has come out, it is clear that this will be a mid range phone.

Google Pixel XE picture leaked

Google may have launched Pixel 4a this time in India and skipped the flagships here, but Pixel fans are still waiting for the flagships.

Meanwhile, there is news that work is being done on Google Pixel XE. Some live pictures of it have also been leaked, which is difficult to say by seeing that they are right.

Some screenshots have been shared on the Toms Hardware website. There is software detail of the phone where Pixel XE is written instead of the device name. Dual SIM support can also be seen here.

Some information is being received about the phone. It can be seen that the phone has bezels and a punchhole in the center, where there is a single selfie camera. About Phone can be seen in this screenshot.

There is no other information except NFC support, dual sim card, bezels in the display, because the company has not said anything about this and this information is early.

This time the phone will have the same rear camera as the Pixel 4a, how many changes have been made in the design, it will be difficult to say at present. But in the coming weeks more information related to this can be revealed