How to Pre register for FAUG game on play store

The return of PUBG Mobile has been announced. But in the meantime pre-registration has also started for the Indian gaming app FAUG.

Pre-registration for FAUG starts

which the idea is getting what the theme of this game will be. Earlier, a video trailer of this game also came in which a debate with Chinese soldiers can be seen on the India-China border.

Soldiers are seen fighting each other in photographs uploaded on Google Play Store. It is a hilly terrain and the battle is seen with hands. For this, soldiers also have weapons in their hands.

It is important to note that this game will have many levels and tasks and this game will be played on the northern border of India. The description of this game states that FauG commandos are patrolling in dangerous border areas and will fight with the enemies of India.

How to Pre register for FAUG game on play store 

It is easy to pre register. The company has said that to play the game first you have to pre-register. You can search by writing FauG in Google Play Store.From the side of nCore Games, it is not currently said when the game will be launched and when will it come to iOS. Because currently its pre-registration is being done on Android’s Google Play Store.