PUBG is bringing a new mobile game New State, know what will be special

PUBG Mobile may be banned in India, but it is popular worldwide. However, people in India also play the South Korean version. However, another new game of PUBG is going to be launched soon.

This new game is named PUBG: New State. PUBG: New State game can be pre-registered from Play Store and App Store. This game is developed by PUBG Studio. He has also shared the trailer of this game. PUBG: New State is set in the year 2051. In which many new vehicles, new Weapons, maps have been given.

PUBG: New State to South Korean company Krafton Inc. Will publish. According to reports, PUBG: New State is available for pre-registration on Google Play Store. But the option to pre-register this game is not available for Indian users. The game can also be registered on the App Store. But it will take some time.

According to the website of PUBG: New State, users who pre-register PUBG: New State will get permanent limited skin of the car. The trailer of the game has also been released by the company. In the trailer, players are seen dropping in Troi. Troi can be the name of a new map. A lot of modern guns and vehicles are being seen in it.

Modern drones like some drones are also being seen with this. Which will greatly enhance the gameplay. It is built just like the old PUBG. Because of this, the old players of PUBG will not have much problem in understanding it.

The company has not yet disclosed on the launch date of PUBG: New State. It is believed that it will be launched soon in the coming days. It was banned due to Chinese company Tencent’s stake in PUBG Mobile in India.After being banned from India, PUBG Mobile has made many efforts to return the game to India but could not succeed. Now its new game PUBG: New State is coming. Whether it launches in India or not, it will be known only in the coming time.