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PUBG Mobile Ban: will it available on computers

PUBG Mobile Ban: will it available on computers

PUBG Mobile Ban: will it available on computers. PUBG Mobile has been banned in India. But PUBG Desktop or PUBG PC is not banned. Actually PUBG belongs to South Korean company Bluehole. But PUBG Mobile has a big stake in Chinese company Tencent. Therefore, there was a danger about the data.

PUBG Mobile Ban: will it available on computers

Since PUBG desktop still comes under South Korean company Bluehole and it does not have the stake of Chinese company Tencent. Perhaps this is the reason why PUBG Mobile has been banned in India, but the PUBG desktop has not been banned.

Disappointment among professional gamers:

There are many big teams in India about PUBG Mobile which take part in eSports PubG League around the world. Players earn crores of rupees by participating in live streaming to eSports tournaments. There are users of deadly names who are quite popular in India.

He has tweeted that a few days ago the government had talked about increasing jobs in the gaming sector and now he has banned an app that was creating countless jobs for aspiring gamers in India. For millions of children across the country, PUBG was like a hope.

However, after this tweet, he has also written in another tweet, ‘We don’t have to give up hope. Something big is coming. This is not the end and it is time to explore new things’

Will PUBG PC start?

Apart from these, there are many big gamers who have expressed disappointment with the banning of PUBG mobile. Although some of these gamers have said that the possibilities will now be explored in PUBG PC, while some of them have said that now COD Mobile i.e. Call of Duty will be used as its substitute.

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That is, PUBG PC can still be played in India and there is no restriction in it. But like mobile, PUBG PC is not free and you have to pay for it.

PubG PC can be played on computer, PS4 and Xbox right now. The game play is the same for both, that is, PbG PC is also like mobile. You will not see much change in it.

In addition to being a PC tree, PUBG also demands good configuration in the computer. Your computer must have at least Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM to play it. Along with this, 2GB graphics card is also necessary.

There is also PUBG PC Lite for computers with low configurations, but its graphics are quite low, so it will not be that way for pubic mobile devices.

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