Samsung galaxy note 20 all leaks, price, launch date

Samsung galaxy note 20 all leaks, price, launch date

Samsung galaxy note 20 all leaks, price, launch date usually launches in August. Last year was the first time Samsung released more than one size of the Galaxy Note, with the Note 10 and the Note 10+, followed by the Note 10 Lite a couple of months later.

We’d predict that Samsung will stick to an August launch for the Note 20 and we expect it to be an online event. Samsung confirmed that it will be launching the Note later in the year in its quarterly report.

In terms of price, we’d expect Samsung to launch the Note 20 devices around the same prices as their predecessors. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 starts at £869 or $949 and the Note 10+ starts at £999 or $1099, although the standard Note 20 might be positioned slightly lower to keep the costs down.

Samsung galaxy note 20 all leaks, price, launch date


Note 20: 161.8 x 75.3 x 8.5mm

Note 20+: 165 x 77.2 x 7.6mm

Note 20: Grey, copper, green

Note 20+: Black, copper

Renders suggest that the Note 20 and Note 20+ (or Note 20 Ultra) won’t change too much from the Note 10.

Expect a waterproof metal frame sandwiched between glass panels and expect some interesting finishes too. An under display fingerprint sensor is likely, as well as a prominent rear camera housing and there will be a built-in S Pen. We’re also expecting two size options, with both featuring a similar design.

It’s also said that Note 20 will have an under-display fingerprint scanner that’s twice the size that’s been used before, which should improve its performance. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the rumour – it’s been applied to a number of Samsung devices over the past year, so may or may not happen.

As for the colours a recent leak has pointed to grey, copper and green for the Note 20, while the Note 20+ will come in black or copper.

Samsung galaxy note 20 all leaks, price, launch date


Note 20: 6.42in, 2345 x 1084 pixels (404ppi), 19.5:9

Note 20+: 6.87in, 3096 x 1444 pixel (497ppi), 19.3:9

120Hz refresh rate on Note 20+

With Samsung introducing a 120Hz refresh rate display on all the Galaxy S20 models, it’s claimed it will be improved for the Note 20+ and that it will be variable rate, and should work at full resolution on the Note 20+. However, the regular Note 20 might not get the 120Hz display, as a point of differentiation and to keep the costs down.

Some reports have suggested an under display camera, which would negate the need for the punch hole camera, but for now, this is just rumour and it may be that only one of the Note 20 models offers it. 

Samsung galaxy note 20 all leaks, price, launch date


S20+/S20 Ultra rumours to have 108MP camera

100x zoom reportedly won’t feature

It’s long been thought that the Note 20 might take the S20+ cameras and use those, however, there’s reports that the Note 20+ will have a 108-megapixel camera, as the S20 Ultra did. Indeed, there’s still some suspicion that the Note 20+ might launch as the Note 20 Ultra.