These offers are available on iPhone 12 Mini, you can buy it at a low price

Apple iPhone Mini is available in India. This time the company has launched three iPhone 12 versions. The iPhone 12 Mini is the lowest price in it. The iPhone 12 Mini is available with an initial price of Rs 69,990.

These offers are available on iPhone 12 Mini

Customers can buy Apple iPhone Mini from Apple’s website. The company is also giving the option to select trade in option on this phone. Customers can also buy it on EMI.

iPhone 12 Mini is also available on Amazon India website in India. Customers can buy iPhone 12 Mini by paying Rs 8,227 every month. However, by selecting trade in, it can be purchased at an EMI of Rs 5,637.

you select trade in from Apple’s website, then you will first be asked about your old phone. After this, you will enter the EMI of your old phone and according to this you will be told the value of your phone.

According to Apple’s official website, the iPhone 12 Mini can be purchased under Trade In for Rs 47,900. Under the trade in program, you will bring the phone from the company, verify the condition of the phone and test it.

If the information that you have entered on the website is like this, then in this case the company will take the old phone and give you the iPhone 12 Mini at a discounted price.

Talking about Apple iPhone 12 Mini, this phone has the same processor as the iPhone 12 Pro. But now it is coming to light that the battery backup of this phone is very bad.