Home Story Technology What is clubhouse app for chat with audio :Explanation and all details

What is clubhouse app for chat with audio :Explanation and all details

What is clubhouse app for chat with audio :Explanation and all details

What is clubhouse app for chat with audio :Explanation and all details. Clubhouse, the invitation-only audio chat app, exploded in popularity during the coronavirus pandemic when people could not get together in person – but now the once niche platform has far higher goals.

What is clubhouse app concept

The concept is simple: Once you are invited to join, you can start or listen to conversations in digital “rooms”, ranging from a major talk by someone famous to a chat within a small group.

No posts, no photos, no videos – just audio. Think of it as live podcasts, with the possibility for listeners to chime in.

To get invited to join Clubhouse, an existing Clubhouse user has to send an invite from their app, which adds to the exclusivity of the “club”.

What exactly is Clubhouse?

Twitter’s hook is words, Instagram is about pictures and Facebook is about, well, faces but Clubhouse is the free social media network forged around audio.

In a year when we connected most over Zoom, Clubhouse is the platform where eye contact, awkward walk-ins, naff backgrounds and dressing up for digital are all forgotten to allow the focus to be solely on conversation.

On the inside, you can see ‘rooms’ of people talking, which you can hop in or out of at any time. You might very well encounter Oprah talking to Ashton and you can stay and listen. You can even ‘raise your hand’ for the speakers to invite you up to contribute.

How can I get a Clubhouse invite?

For this, we’ll have to be patient. Each new member is allocated one invite, and after awhile you get three more so if you get invited by an existing member, you can eventually pick up to 4 of your friends to join with you.

Leher App Is an Indian Alternative to Clubhouse

Unlike Clubhouse that exclusively supports audio conversations, Leher lets users share their thoughts and discuss various topics in live videos. The app is also available for download on both Android and iOS devices. This isn’t the case with Clubhouse, which is currently exclusive to iOS devices. The Leher app also doesn’t require any invites, which isn’t the case with Clubhouse that is currently invite-only.

Some Indian entrepreneurs have started tweeting about Leher. It could be due to growing interest in finding Indian alternatives to global apps. Unlike Clubhouse, Leher has mostly Indian users on board. This means that you aren’t likely to see any global faces making discussions on the Indian app at this moment.

But nonetheless, Leher has over 100,000 downloads on Google Play, along with an average rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 at the time of writing.