Good news: Oxford’s Corona vaccine can be ready in 42 days

When Corona vaccination for people over 50 will start

Good news: Oxford's Corona

Good news: Oxford’s Corona vaccine can ready in 42 days. People from all over the world are eyeing the Corona virus vaccine at Oxford University, UK. The vaccine trial is in the final stage. According to the report published in, in the st condition, the Oxford vaccine can ready in just 42 days from today i.e. 6 weeks.

Good news: Oxford’s Corona vaccine can ready in 42 days

According to a report published in, a UK government source has told the Sunday Express that Oxford University and Imperial College London have come very close to preparing the Scientist vaccine.

Preparations are already going on in the UK regarding the production of vaccine etc. After getting the green signal from the scientists, people of Britain will start getting the vaccine in a very short time. However, the UK minister is still avoiding saying anything openly and is also preparing for another situation.

According to the Sunday Express report, the source said that in the st case (st-case scenario), the vaccine investigation can completed in 6 weeks. If this happens then it will a game changer.

The person associated with the vaccine program also said that if it takes some more time then we can say that scientists from Oxford and Imperial College have come close. After this, millions of doses will need to prepared, for which we have prepared the production facility.

Kate Bingham, head of the UK’s Vaccine Taskforce, said she is cautious and optimistic about the vaccine. He said that it is most important that we keep working and do not try to celebrate in haste. He said that it is expect that the results of the vaccine trial will come fore Christmas.