Pakistan set a precedent for the whole world in the battle with Corona, WHO chief praised

Pakistan set a precedent for the whole world in the battle with Corona, WHO chief praised

There is a big discussion about Pakistan on the control of the corona virus internationally. World Health Organization (WHO) director general could not stop himself from praising India’s neighboring country. The WHO chief said that at this time the whole world needs to learn from Pakistan. The WHO chief in one of his statements supported the government of Pakistan’s strategies in the battle with Corona, where the polio infrastructure built years ago to deal with covid-19 has been resorted to.

Pakistan set a precedent for the whole world in the battle with Corona, WHO chief praised

He also praised the Community Health Workers of Pakistan for providing polio vaccine to their children from house to house. In Pakistan, they were used for surveillance, investigation and care of the people in contact. As a result, the number of corona infected people in the country declined sharply.

Many countries have also been successful in combating the corona virus, because many of these countries were already adept at dealing with various diseases including SARS, MERS, measles, polia, Ebola, flu. Former Special Assistant to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Dr. Zafar Mirza, while reacting to Adhanom’s statement, said that Pakistan’s efforts have gained a lot of international recognition.

WHO chief praised many other countries besides Pakistan

The WHO chief praised many other countries besides Pakistan, which managed to tackle the virus. In this list, he has included countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Japan, New Zealand, The Republic of Korea, Rwanda, Senegal, Italy, Spain and Vietnam. Zafar Mirza wrote in a tweet, “WHO Director General has counted Pakistan among the 7 countries from which the whole world should learn to fight Corona in future.” In his tweet, he also thanked the people of Pakistan.

A health team from the District Health Office (DHO) of Islamabad is conducting a corona virus test for teachers and non-teaching staff before the school opens on 15 September. A senior DHO official quoted Gulf News as saying that after the schools, public sector universities and colleges will be on their target.

The situation in Pakistan has improved much earlier. Before mid-July this country was becoming the South Asian version of Spain and Iran. Initially a large number of people got infected and died due to the destruction of the virus. There was no vacancy in the hospitals to admit the patients.

But within 40 days between mid-June to mid-July, the virus suddenly disappeared like steam in the air. Daily infection cases, active cases and death toll came down suddenly after going up. There was also a rapid improvement in the recovery rate. On June 13, 6,825 new cases of corona were registered in Pakistan, while the speed and death rate of corona infection have been greatly controlled in the last few days.

China has asked to make its vaccine available to Pakistan on priority

Pakistan has been a close friend of China. Right from the beginning of the epidemic, it provided immense help to Pakistan. When China was facing criticism all over the Corona epidemic, Pakistan too stood firm in its support. Pakistan and Cambodia were the two countries that did not call back their citizens from Wuhan to show solidarity with China in times of need. Pakistan also passed a resolution in its parliament in February in support of China.

China had already prevented the Corona virus and sent a team of medical experts to share their experiences with Pakistan. In addition, sent several consignments of ventilators and essential medicines to China. Xi Jinping also provided Pakistan with protective equipment ranging from PCR kits, gloves, masks to PPE kits. China has asked to make its vaccine available to Pakistan on priority. Trial of China’s vaccine is also going on in Pakistan.