Why fight between Facebook and Australian government, full issue in detail exclusive

Why fight between Facebook and Australian government, full issue in detail exclusive

Why fight between Facebook and Australian government, full issue in detail exclusive. Facebook is once again in the news. The hashtag of DeleteFacebook also ran once again. This time the reason is that Facebook blocked all news links in Australia on 18 February. This means that people in Australia could not see the news in Facebook’s news feed.

What has Facebook said on this

No news publication in Australia, for example ABC News, can share news links on their Facebook page. Australia’s Facebook users cannot see and news publication on Facebook, whether local or international, in their news feed.

On 18 February, Facebook banned sharing of news links in Australia. Not only this, the company also blocked many pages there. These pages also had government official handles, including some emergency services. However, Facebook has said that page blocking is an error and there is no restriction on the pages which do not contain news.

Why is Facebook banning news related pages in Australia?

It is obvious that this step of Facebook is neither right for the Facebook users nor for the media there. According to Facebook, the company is doing this under the media bargaining bill there.

Facebook has said that this bill has been brought by the Australian government and there is no other way but Facebook to stop the news link.

What is the problem of Facebook with this bill?

What is there in this bill, due to which Facebook had to block news links there. In fact, the media bargaining law says that Facebook and other tech companies should pay money to the media organization to use their links. Because companies like Facebook make money from the news links of those media organizations.

This bill has also been highlighted that the news organization spends a lot of money to prepare its content. But companies like Facebook and Google use those content for free.

What does the Australian Government have to say on Facebook’s move?

On February 18, when Facebook blocked all the news links in Australia, the government there described it as a method of blackmailing. It also sounds like blackmailing.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has criticized the move by Facebook and described it as disappointing. He has said that the blocking of Essential Information Services, including health and emergency services by Facebook, reflects the company’s attitude. However, despite this, the government there is now talking about not withdrawing it from the proposed law.

What will happen next?

For now, it seems that Facebook will keep up with its decision. That is, news organizations in Australia will not be able to push links on Facebook for now. But it also has the disadvantage of Facebook. Because Facebook users will be disappointed by this.

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